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OfficeWork Software And Think HR Launch A Strategic Partnership To Deliver HR Solutions To Organizations

HR Solutions - Succesion Planning - HR analyticsNovato CA, June 24, 2013. OfficeWork Software announces a strategic marketing partnership with ThinkHR. OfficeWork is a leader in HR visualization and intelligence and through our OrgChart™ solution provides organizations with a powerful HR tool. ThinkHR is the national leader in expert HR guidance. ThinkHR provides organizations with “live” HR experts and an extensive HR compliance library. This new partnership will allow each company to offer additional services to their customers.

“We are excited to offer HR Live services and subscriptions to the ThinkHR Comply Library as an intelligent solution for our customers” said Gordon Landies, President of OfficeWork Software.

“We see OrgChart as an essential tool for all organizations, and a complement to our live and online HR support,” said Preston Clark, J.D., Vice President, Business Development at ThinkHR.

To kick off the partnership OfficeWork and ThinkHR are sponsoring a Free webinar: “The Affordable Care Act: Let’s get Ready for the 2013-2014 Health Care Reform Mandates”on June 26, 2013 at 10 A.M. PDT.

About OfficeWork Software

Headquartered in Novato California, OfficeWork Software™ LLC is a leader in Workforce charting, visualization and HR Intelligence.  Our OrgChart solution is used by over 7,000 organizations worldwide to help them shape, manage and gain insights about their workforce. For more information, visit www.orgchartpro.com or www.officeworksoftware.com.

About ThinkHR

Founded in 2005, ThinkHR supports over 50,000 businesses both small and large navigate the complexities of workforce management. They are dedicated to helping employers save time and money by providing trusted resources and solutions to solve challenging issues fast. ThinkHR offers an innovative on-demand resource that provides access to live experts. Its experts have access to our proprietary HR Answerbase of 100,000+ questions and answers and 300+ data feeds of content. ThinkHR is the best solution to discover answers to questions, enabling business owners, managers, and HR professionals to stay current with regulatory compliance and “best practice” principles and be more informed, effective, and efficient with their time. For more information, visit www.thinkhr.com.

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Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data

May 9, 2013 Novato CA. OfficeWork Software announced that Joe Kolinger, Founder and CEO is giving a presentation on how to Empower Your HR Department with Strategies for Visualizing Workforce Data on May 15, 2013 at 9:00AM PDT hosted by IHRIM. The Webinar is free to join. 

Mr. Kolinger will be talking about how visualization of workforce data is the best way to understand and manage the vitality of your organization. With the right visualization strategy you can quickly build informative data sets that help you visualize and manage your workforce.

This webinar will address the most important workforce issues:

·         Visualizing and managing the workforce

·         Seeing where are we at risk for losing quality people

·         Identifying which individuals are ripe for promotion

·         Knowing which individuals are on track for succession

·         Ensuring salaries are competitive

·         Understanding how can we identify employee talents and create a skill map

·         Building new skills and keeping up to date on the latest market trends

Regardless of the size of your organization, Workforce Visualization Mapping will empower your HR personnel with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify critical areas that affect every organization.

Sign up today the for this informative and insightful presentation.

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Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT – Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts

Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts

Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT

Learn A New Way To Create Organization Charts
Free Webinar On April 18, 2013 At 11am PDT/2pm EDT
Organizational Charts in Visio 2013/2010 Preminum and Professional can only take you so far.

Joe Kolinger, Founder & CEO will show you how OrgChart for Visio will let you Create, Update, Share and Gain Insight about your Organization. Learn a new way to create and maintain updateable organizational charts. Expand the capabilities of Visio turning it into a workforce planning tool.

You Will Learn How To:

Create content rich, data driven Org Charts

Update your Org Charts and keep them up-to-date automatically

Share you Org Charts with any audience

Gain Insight and leverage Visio.

Register Now



OrgChart for Visio Creates Intelligent Organizational Charts

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Introducing OrgChart Builder™

March 5, 2013 Novato CA. OfficeWork Software today introduces OrgChart Builder™ a new Expert Service for OrgChart users. OrgChart Builder allows Clients to hire our Experts on a consulting basis help them create their organizational charts or have the Expert create their org chart for them..

“In offering our OrgChart Builder service to our customers, we want to make sure that they are taking full advantage of the charting and workforce planning capabilities of OrgChart” said Joe Kolinger CEO of  OfficeWork Software. “And over the years our Clients have asked us if we could create their organizational charts for them along with the process, so they can refresh their org charts.”

The new OrgChart Builder service is available today. To learn more visit: http://www.orgchartpro.com/orgchart-builder.aspx.

Or contact us at +1- 415-462-1313 or email: sales@officeworksoftware.com

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9 Mistakes Made When Creating Talent Metrics by Joe Kolinger, CEO

Organizational Charting Software AnalyticsMaybe some of you have lived through a misguided company’s application of talent metrics. The stories that many of us have show how these metrics can be incredible de-motivators.

One example comes to mind of a company that decided to develop a personal ‘earned value’ measurement on every employee in an IT organization. After creating individual scores the management ranked everyone, published the results on a website, and on a screen in the company lobby. These metrics were also considered in pay treatment … for a short while. New management came in and considered the idea nuts, and then deimplemented it.

Every poor performer figured out how to game the system. Every talented performer either ignored the metric plan in favor of getting work done, or they left the company.

Let’s consider some ideas that were posted in a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Competing on Talent Analytics’ by Davenport, Harris, and Shapiro. Please read on.

Companies that use analytics for employee management can create tangible value for themselves as long as they avoid these mistakes:

1. Making analytics an excuse to treat human beings like interchangeable widgets

2. Keeping a metric live even when it has no clear business reason for being

3. Relying on just a few metrics to evaluate employee performance, so smart employees can game the system

4. Insisting on 100% accurate date before an analysis is accepted–which amounts to never making a decision

5. Assessing employees only on simple measures such as grades and test scores, which often fail to accurately predict success

6. Using analytics to hire lower-level people but not when assessing senior management

7. Failing to monitor changes in organizational priorities, thus creating irrelevant-if accurate-analyses

8. Ignoring aspects of performance that can’t easily be translated into quantitative measures

9. Analyzing HR efficiency metrics only, while failing to address the impact of talent management on business performance

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