Analytics for OrgChart – What is this?

Here is a new tool that we have developed to make your job easier than ever in controlling the talent management and succession management processes.  

If you spend a lot of time hassling with org charts and PowerPoint in the HR/Talent Management process I highly recommends you check this out.  I have automated what normally takes many hours, days or weeks into minutes – and giving vastly superior insight into the organization. 

OrgChart automates the chart building, but Analytics automates the Talent Management and Succession Planning process. Together they provide a very powerful tool suite.

OrgChart v5 Analytics –Talent Management and Succession Planning Made Easy 

OrgChart Analytics color codes the chart automatically    OrgChart Analytics gives a quick identification of talent in the organization

OrgChart Analytics is a powerful workforce visualization tool used in talent management, succession planning and workforce reorganizations.  Analytic’s programmable display capabilities give a complete ‘heat map’ visualization of the workforce for easier and more effective people management.  Using your HR data, rules are created that automatically format and color individual chart boxes to your specification. With Analytics you will quickly and accurately communicate and evaluate the strengths and gaps of your organizations’ talent.

 Program Features

  1. Generate custom-colored views quickly and easily with programmable rules.
  2. Programmable rules can include compound/multiple data conditions (i.e., Performance, years in position and promotion readiness and salary < target).
  3. Create and save any number of rules (macros) that format box color, fields, fonts, connectors and borders – based on data about each person.
  4. Create rules once; apply rules any time throughout the planning process
  5. New chart Tabs allow easier chart versioning for multiple planning scenarios
  6. New Compare Tool enables comparison of charts at record and even data field level.  Audit trail is color coded for quick tracking.
  7. New Legend component automatically creates a useful legend based on defined rules.
  8. Special AutoText calculations (i.e., headcount, budget summary, etc.) can be automatically shown in page headings.

This is a video demonstration of what Analytics is and its use in the Talent Management / Succession Planning process:

See OrgChart Analytics in action

Next, this is a PDF overview:

OrgChart Analytics Presentation – PDF

Check it out for your self.  Here’s a free trial and instructions for use.

Free 15-Day Download of OrgChart Analytics

Finally, this is a 30-minute training video to explain the use of the Analytics tool:

Operating Instructions for OrgChart Analytics

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